Once you have found your team and your name on playermania.com please signup to add a profile. If you are under 13 years old, it will not allow you to create a profile so just change your Date of birth year to 1999 and once your profile is set up, you can change it to your proper year of birth. Once you have added a “player card”, go to the Dream Hoops Development League and link your “player card” to your name. Players can post their own personalized avatars. You can also trade avatar cards with your teammates and fellow members of the DHDL.

Dream Hoops Development League

Welcome to the show. The Dream Hoops Development League (D.H.D.L) is the most exciting recreational Vancouver youth basketball league. The league is designed for skill levels of all ranges. It’s purpose is to be fun. To make it extra fun, we’ve designed it to feel like the pros! Here’s how it works…

The Draft Combine

All Freshman and Sophomore division registrants are automatically entered into D.H.D.L entry Draft. To determine skill levels, registrants attend DHDL supervised open-gym scrimmages at the Draft Combine. Each player is then drafted to a team within their age division. It is important that all players in the Sophomore & Freshmen divisions attend the Draft Combine to ensure balance within the league.


All Junior division (grades 8,9&10) and Senior division (grades 10,11,12) registrants may register their own team of a maximum of ten players. Registrants without a team will be pooled into a draft and selected onto teams that do not have full rosters. Please note, the selection process is done on a first come first serve basis and is subject to available roster positions.

Once rosters are selected they are not final, trades can and do occur to create league balance. All changes & roster adjustments are done at the sole discretion of the DHDL Management.

All players are provided with a full uniform set (jersey and shorts). It is mandatory for all players to wear the team issue uniform set. At the discretion of the DHDL, players without a full team issue uniform, may be exluded from play.

Fair Play

All DHDL games have mandatory substitution intervals for the first half of 16 minutes and first 8 minutes of the second half for the Girls, Freshman, Sophomore and Juniors Division. The Seniors Division will play 20 minute halves and mandatory subs for the first half and first 10 minutes of the second half. This guarantees that every player in DHDL receives an opportunity to play and develop their game.

The League

Each registered player receives a full Pro Style uniform kit. The league is desgined to feel and sound like a professional league. Complete stats are recorded and kept online, so players can monitor their weekly progress. Weekly all-stars are recognized by the DHDL. The DHDL has contests at half-time, “feature games”, live performances, bbq and theme music, to provide an authentic professional atmosphere for the participant’s enjoyment. This makes the atmostphere exciting and fun for the whole family. Most importantly, it’s great for the community!

League all-stars & standouts, will be invited by the DHDL to join any of the following: Allstar weekend, international club teams, local club team. These events may involve other eilte teams and players from all around the globe.

See Registration Form For Additional Info